Yes, I m a murderer


I couldn’t face myself in the mirror
Not due to guilty
It’s because there is no me in the Image.
OMG ! Did I lost my brain ?
Or I get lost myself.
People says,
Ghosts are not seen in mirror.
I doubt myself, m’I a ghost?
Can it be so ?
Is it only me not to be seen?
Or it is me myself ignoring ?
Do people know I’m a murderer?
Yes , I’m a murderer.
There is no evidence to accuse me.
Yes, I’m a murderer,
I killed myself.
I killed my soul, my innocence.
And my dreams
In the way my series of murdering continued.
I don’t know I m a victim or a culprit
But yes, I know I m murderer.
Even though,
There is no evidence no witness.
There is no innocence no sweetness.
But who could raise my crime?
Yes, I’m murderer.
Oh the remaining life ,
That’s the punishment.
No, it can not be so, can it bring back everything? 

Yes, I’m a murderer.

I murdered my innocence.
I murdered my dreams
i murdered my curiosity.
I murdered my Happiness.
I murdered my childhood.
Yes, I’m a murderer.

Bhisma Pokhrel
14-03 2015
Hetauda-9, Nepal

(repost )


One response

  1. Lovely defined of ones negatives. But you are not a murder since you killed the bad habits that was over powering you!!
    Great way of description 👍

    Liked by 2 people

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