I never know what true love is.
I never know how it taste like.
how it felt like.
Or what does it mean?
Does It means a mother hold
She feeding her breasts and
Kissing my chicks.
Was her lips juicy or hard rough
oh why don’t I remember the taste of her lips.
Was her heart beating fast
was she making moaning sounds
While kissing me
Was that a true love?
I never know.
Why don’t I remember,
My tiny hands Pulling her hair
ouch…. and her smile and her kiss
why I don’t know?
When I used to do some thing wrong,
The father was there with stick
But mother used to come by my side
Quarrel with father and tell me to hide.
was that true love?
I don’t know I m so much confused.
I never know where were her tears
why don’t they came
I never know,
Did they dried for me?
Or she hide from me.
I never know,
And I never understood her.
Why she used to cry in my happiness
I never seen her crying In my pain
but she cared me like no one.
Was she insane.
I never know.
I never know her love
She never demanded
She never wanted gifts
She used to wait for me during my night shift.
I never know.
Was her love true love.
I never know
What Kind of emotions she has
I never know how her tears taste
whether her tears of my happiness are salty
Or of sadness are salty,
Ah no no not salty, it was my guess from books
But i never know
Because she never let me taste that.
I only tasted her breast,
I m 26 now, and still not tasted sweetest than that.
Still i never know was her love true love
I never dated her.
I never flirted her
Gifts, may be once in a year with out demand.
When i walk with other lady
She never get jealous.
Was that a true love.
No no surely not a true love.
The true love i know is purchased.
The true love i know is measured.
The true love i know is tasted
The true love i know is felt
The true love i know makes moaning sounds
The true love i know make demands.
The true love i know get jealous.
The love i know is bed game
How can i define mothers love as true love.
M I psychopath or a insane?
-Bhisma Pokhrel (2016-05-03)
Hetauda-9, Nepal


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